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What are Quests?

Quests at the Tiny Minotaur are live-action Micro Theater events modeled after table-top RPGs (role playing games) with storylines based around the homebrewed world of Karth. Generally, Quests are communal ---similar to attending a small theater production or movie theater and you can join a Quest Solo or with a party of up to six people! Quests are seasonal and part of an over-arching 5 year storyline!

Coming Soon: The Arms of Abaggon

"Cultists from a mysterious shadow cult have infiltrated the Rift and are attempting some sort of esoteric ritual involving some sort of sacrifice! Can you stop their ritual and save their squishy little victim before it's too late?!....."

This Theatrical Performance runs from March 18th - June 3rd 2024!

  • Run-Time: 90 minutes to 2 hrs

  • $65 a person

  • Includes Complimentary Beverages and Refreshments

Coming Soon
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