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Support The Arts!

Even though we aren’t an official 501c3, we here at the Tiny Minotaur really like our artistic community here in Austin and like to show it via our internal practices and distribution of your coin-ly patronage. Whether it’s paying our freelance NPCs/Actors for their talents, hiring local artisans for costumes or props for specific one-off Quests or giving free sessions, we here at the Tiny Minotaur are very very serious about mutual aid. Almost 1/3rd of our sessions are discounted or free and if you (or someone you know) needs some joy in these trying times but are a bit cash-strapped---please don’t hesitate to reach out to us so we can make a Quest happen!

Our first year we gave our free quests specifically to service industry and healthcare industry folks and we would like to continue that tradition!

If you would like to help with a donation---you can do so in your reservation with the Goodwill to Adventurers Add-On. Or you can toss us some funds in our e-pickle jar. :)


Venmo: @tinyminotaurtavern (4-digit code:1812)

Cashapp: $DeeMck

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