Tiny Minotaur Adventurer Guide

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1. Entry

  • Book Online to reserve a time-slot. Slots are limited and first-come first-serve. Maximum of six participants per session. 21 and over. NO EXCEPTIONS (but you can message us privately for special youth-friendly sessions). We encourage participants who are open to a bit of fun and wont fail the Cape Test*. [*Cape Test: Owns or Owned a Medieval Cape/Will Enthusiastically put on a flowing Medieval Cape if asked.]

  • To expand on the Cape Test, The Tiny Minotaur is super open to medieval/fantasy costuming, DnD groups, pre-existing LARPS and folks interested in role-playing. We highly encourage LARPers to utilize the Tiny Minotaur as a setting in their current campaigns since the Tiny Minotaur is a pocket dimension---- accessible by an infinite amount of fantasy worlds with no set mode of magical entry. Rumor has it that Oakda once packed a bowl with Gandalf, made an Omelet with a Dragon Egg from Pern and punched a rude Witcher in the throat. For more information on the pocket dimension and it's main world--- check out this Lore Drop!

  • After You have Booked, you (and your party) will receive the location of the Tiny Minotaur and a Docket of Information via Email. Most of it is simple rules of conduct for Space (like not being a jerk). Show up at your session date and time, sign the posted waiver before entering and PREPARE FOR RIFTING.

2. The Tavern

  • Once seated at the Bar, your Adventuring Party will be given your satchel of coins and are free to drink, chat with your party and chomp on a pickle annnd you can leave it at that: a simple hangout in a rad fantasy tavern. BUT if you are at the Tiny Minotaur with the intent to Quest--- you can probably convince Oakda to give you some information on a JOB. Oakda Malkuth is surly---but she's overly aware of the shenanigans happening in the Rift and inside of the Tiny Minotaur! And like most annoyed Barkeeps, Oakda can be won over with a bit of time. The more your party visits the Tiny Minotaur---the more intricate the Backstory, Quests, Rewards and possible access to monthly campaigns!

  • In the Spirit of Immersive Environments--- we will not accept cash on site for gold coins. We can assure you that the coins you recieve will enough to get crunk, bribe some NPCS and visit the Lusty Argonian Club later. :)

  • The Tiny Minotaur is outside and unfortunately NOT very wheelchair accessible but feel free to message us to discuss your needs.

3. Questing

  • If your party is interested in Questing there are two ways to get them: 

    • Directly via Oakda the Orc Tavern-Keep.

    • An NPC traveler lurking in the bar

  • The Quests themselves are a mix of adventuring tasks; lost items, dungeon crawls, desperate missives from the townspeople of Karth requesting muscled aid, or requests from the random NPC lurking in the corner of the Tiny Minotaur. You'll never repeat a Quest at the Tiny Minotaur!

  • The majority of the Quests are located outside of the Tiny Minotaur Gates throughout the Rift (two blocks surrounding the Tiny Minotaur). All Quests are led by maps and the red X's indicated on the maps are interaction points. There is a strong bleed-over from Earth and the Rift but we encourage participants of Tiny Minotaur Quests to not interact with the plains-clothes denizens of Earth. (Aka: Don't bother people in the neighborhood who are going about their regular-degular business)

  • Sometimes your Adventurer Party will be pulled into Turn-Based Combat with an NPC ---reminiscent of a very chill DnD tabletop game. And yes...there is a gigantic D20. 

4. Covid Shite and Weather Shite

  • The Tiny Minotaur is pretty serious about maintaining levels of safety--- The Tiny Minotaur is an Outdoor Open-Air space (with extra airflow from fans) and we ask for distancing, masks and common sense. Oakda will be gloved, and before, between, and after sessions, the space will be heavily sanitized. All tankards are disinfected (after use and prior to washing).

  • For participants we ask that you DO NOT COME IN IF YOU ARE FEELING ILL. If you have a cough, fever or any Covid symptoms, we ask that you cancel your booking or drop out (and let the rest of your party come instead). The Tiny Minotaur can refund you so long as we have 24hours notice and we are happy to reschedule a rain-check session for you! This installation will be here for a looong time (so long as we stay community-oriented and think of the collective!)

  • The Tiny Minotaur also reserves to right to cancel sessions if the weather is horrible (raining, too hot or too cold) or if our NPCs are ill. If the Tiny Minotaur is forced to cancel a session you will be given the choice of a full refund or a reschedule!

More Questions? Feel Free to Contact Us!