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Tiny Minotaur Private Club


1. Private Club


The Tiny Minotaur Tavern is an artist-run diy private social club, immersive art installation, music and theater space in downtown Austin, TX. Featuring over 5,000sq ft of movie set quality Fantasy Scenery, living “NPCs”, live bards, dungeon synth and delicious beverages; the Tiny Minotaur is a living world within a world!


Why a Private Club and not just a regular Bar or Art Gallery?
The Tiny Minotaur has always prided itself on maintaining quality play space with emotionally-invested and fantasy minded individuals. A private club with members-only access will maintain that everyone coming into the Tavern will be vetted and well-informed of the rules of the space to ensure a level of safety and immersion. This also means that the space will not be limited to those who are Questing! As a member, you’ll be able to access the Tavern whenever it is open—whether it is for a slurp of Grog or Swill (alone or with your mates), a dnd game with your crew, to watching touring dungeon synth bands or to simply have a few moments of chill time with your friends. We occasionally have Quests (a separate stand-alone experience) and as a paid member you can still bring a guest for free! 


The Tiny Minotaur is unlike any space in Austin and we want to keep it special!


But I don't want to become a Member!
That's fine. Do you just want to come and take a peek? You can get a Temporary Day Membership and enter the Tiny Minotaur on the day of your choosing!

2. What Does Membership Look Like?


Tiny Minotaur Tavern Membership is available in 3 tiers and limited for the first year as we test capacity limits.

  • Tavern Nob: $20 a month. [Access to the Brick & Mortar Tavern whenever open. Ability to reserve free tables for DnD. Access to special member's Only Events and Workshops like Dungeon Synth Showcases!]

  • Adventurer Scum: $40 a month. [All the Perks from Tier 1+2 as well as first dibs on Quests and Access to the Monthly Open Larps.]

  • Golden Company: $60 a month. [All the Perks from Tier 1,2 & 3 as well as free tickets to the Quarterly Open Larp (that ticket alone is $80!)

  • Day Memberships will be available for non-members who wish to experience the Tiny Minotaur for $15 a day.

3. Rules for the Space



That's it. That's the main Rule.  

Here in the Rift we have a zero tolerance policy for asshole behavior---which means being rude to staff, being racist, misogynistic, transphobic or homophobic. We are definitely NOT apolitical---but the Rift and the Tiny Minotaur within it is a RESPITE & RECHARGE from all the bullshit out in the real world.


If you're feeling really interested in the Tiny Minotaur---Feel free to check out our Member's Handbook for more in-depth information!

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