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Full Moon
PvP Combat


Next Full Moon Combat:

Wednesday, August 30th at Central Machine Works

4824 E. Cesar Chavez Austin TX

7:30pm to 11pm



"The Missing Mages"

August 2nd - August 31

8pm and 10pm Sessions

"Cleared by the Karthian Consulate of all regicide charges, the mercenary  Oakda Malkuth has been reinstated as the leader of a new Adventuring Company. Her first mission, to investigate a new threat in the Seventh Woods district!

Mages from the Karthian front have turned up at the Crows Nest, a Ranger Tower within the Seventh Woods, sporting weird mushroom-like growths protruding from their bodies. Oakda has contained the Mages at The Crows Nest with the help of the sorta-esteemed trust-fund elf mage, Senfir Spicewallow. However, Oakda and her new Adventuring Party must find clues to turn the mages back to normal before their weirdo disease escalates!"

  • Quests are $60/per person

  • Parties will contain 1-6 people (Micro-Theater). Book as a solo adventurer, a couple or a FULL 6 person party!

  • Quests include 2 drinks and a snack platter from Wilder Wood!

Thanks for submitting!

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