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Upcoming Events


The Tiny Minotaur is open from Tuesday- Saturday (7pm -1am) and we have...ALOT of events. 

Wednesdays are our Regular Degular Tavern days! Come solo or come with friends. Come in your post-work sweatpants or come in Fantasy Costume (yes, the Tiny Minotaur is also an excuse to come decked out in the dream-garb you only get to wear on special Renn Faire-y occasions). Bring your TTRPGs, your card games and come chill with like-minded rad folks and listen to live bards or curated dungeon synth from Apoxupon.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are Regular Tavern Days!

Thursdays are D.A.R.C open-campaign DnD nights!

Fridays usually have live music (ranging from dungeon synth, new age and ambient)!
Saturdays are usually Costume-Mandatory or Performance-Oriented!
Sundays and Mondays the Tavern is closed and are reserved for super special ticketed events like Quests or Larps)

Check out our Events below!

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