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Lore of the Rift


The Lore of the Tiny Minotaur centers around the fantastical world of Karth and a small pocket dimension within the world of Karth that has been affectionately called The Rift. To make a loooong story very short....


The Rift is a pocket dimension bridge between the fantasy world of Karth and many other worlds (including Earth!). Several years, ago, an Orc Mercenary by the name of Oakda Malkuth went into hiding in this pocket dimension called the Rift (she maaay have killed a King...but it was totally an accident!) and ended up creating a Tavern called the Tiny Minotaur which soon became a bit of a hub for other fugitives, adventurers passing between portals/worlds and a slew of other characters. 

The Tiny Minotaur is now a bustling neutral waystation in a sea of Karthian political and magical intrigue!



If you're a LORE WH*RE and would like to deep dive into more information about the world, Tavern and its denizens---feel free to read the Member's Handbook (lore starts on page 40!) Or check out these short stories!

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