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A rift has opened in East Austin, Texas, revealing a tiny pocket dimension--- dissolving the borders between the magical world of Karth and the denizens of Earth....

Retired from the ravages of the Great War, a mercenary She-Orc has opened a secret back-alley Tavern in a land beset by demagogues and condos.


You have been invited to enter--- The Tiny Minotaur Tavern!




Private & Immersive

Adult Shit

Gather up to six friends on Quests to save the sorta-good folks of Karth from kind -of- horrible events...


or not. 

Slurp Tasty Beverages out of Olde Tankards and eat a pickle or four while Oakda shoots you a glare.


Be About that Lyfe

Using physical maps and gold coins to bribe NPCs---you and your party will scour the Rifterhood (whilst being Pandemic Safe) in an intimate, immersive and not-cheesy Tavern Installation!


No...Really, What Is This?

The Tiny Minotaur is an intersection of many things:

  • A low-brow/high art Installation run by solo installation artist and fantasy writer (Dana Bauerle-McKnight). 

  • A mix of Performance Art, Live Action DnD and Immersive Theater (where you can choose how deep you want to nerd out).

  • A fantastic pocket-world escape from the cluster-fuck that is Earth.

  • A post-Covid-World solution for hanging outside with friends using harm reduction philosophy*