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Frequently Asked Queries


Do I have to wear a Costume?
At first we were really hardcore about Fantasy Costumes being mandatory on weekends but that limited accessibility. Instead, Fantasy Costumes are encouraged (especially on costume nights). Wear your sweatpants or go really hard in your Renn Faire fit. Just dress appropriately for the weather because we’re currently outside!


Can I throw my bday party at the Tiny Minotaur?
Yes, the Tiny Minotaur is super appropriate for smaller bday parties. And yes, you can bring a cake! You’ll need to purchase day passes in advance tho. Also be aware that weekdays are a bit more accessible for space for bday shenanigans.


Can I get married at the Tiny Minotaur?
The Tiny Minotaur is super gorgeous and available as a wedding venue. Email us for information about how to book us for your special day!


Can I bring my Kids?
Nope. Kids can come on our market day—which is on the first Saturday of the month. Noon to 5pm. Otherwise, this is strictly an adult (21+) venue.


Can i bring my dog?
No. Unless they are a registered service dog and you’ll need to tell us the service your dog is trained for. Emotional support animals do not count. This is soecifically because the Tiny Minotaur can be a stimulating space—and even the best good boys can bite if stressed or weirded out by someone dressed as a dragon.


Is the Tiny Minotaur ADA-friendly?
The Tiny Minotaur's ADA accessible entry is located at the back gate. There is ADA parking in the back lot! All of our walkways/paths inside are ADA accessible.

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