Choose Your Adventuring Mode

* Book Your Tiny Minotaur Tavern Session Here. We encourage Adventurers to check out the "Participate" page to get an idea of what to expect with Tiny Minotaur Sessions. If all slots are booked--- feel free to message The Tavern about OverBook Sessions! 

Tavern Scum

$45 donation per Adventurer!
2 hours of Tavern Thrashing for a party of up to Four Adventurers! Chill with your friends and avoid Oakda Makulth's scowl of disapproval. Each Party will receive:

  • a pickle or hunk of bread

  • a satchel of 10 gold coins
    (per Adventurer)



$80 donation per Adventurer!

Basically "Tavern Scum" but with a higher donation since it takes place on an "off-day"! 

ALSO! This is for up to 6 adventurers!!!!

D'n'D Setting

$35 donation per Adventurer!

Ever wanted to host your DnD game in a Fantasy Setting with a curated Dungeon Synth Soundtrack or a LIVE BARD (in enough space where you can still socially distance)?!


Well now you can. Sundays only: 4pm to 6pm. 4-8 players


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