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Tavern Scum

$65 donation per Adventurer!

90 minutes of Tavern Thrashing for a party of up to Five Adventurers! Chill with your friends and avoid Oakda Makulth's scowl of disapproval. Each Party will receive:

  • a pickle or hunk of bread

  • a satchel of 10 gold coins
    (per Adventurer)


$65 donation per Adventurer!

A Special Campaign for experienced Adventuring Parties who have already been through the Rift/Tiny Minotaur.

8 special parties selected.
4 Quests.
1 Storyline.

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Details on how to enroll your party into this seasonal event:

IG: thetinyminotaur

D'n'D Setting

$25 donation per Adventurer!

Ever wanted to host your DnD game in a Fantasy Setting with a curated Dungeon Synth Soundtrack or a LIVE BARD (in enough space where you can still socially distance)?!


Welp---now you can!
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4-8 players



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