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Tavern Scum
[Spring Sessions]


$65 donation per Adventurer!

90 minutes of Tavern Thrashing for a party of up to six Adventurers! Chill with your friends and avoid Oakda Makulth's scowl of disapproval. Each Party will receive:

  • a pickle or hunk of bread

  • a satchel of 10 gold coins
    (per Adventurer)

The Feast Eve
[Friday, Nov. 19th]


[Special One-Time Event!!]

A savory 3-round Feast of Epic Proportions!  

"A Culinaire Monk, Goran Gorgo (Chef Angel Medina) is on the Run from the Shady Agricultural Guild of Karthopolis as they attempt to thwart his Quest to find an Ancient Tree of Eld. Let Monk Gorgo ply you with a feast in exchange for finding the ancient scrolls that will help him unlock the Tree of Eld!"


  • An epic 3-course family-style Feast (not vegetarian friendly this time!)

  • A Quest

  • Tavern Wenchlings

  • Dungeon Synth Ambiance

  • BYOB! 



XXXmas Scum
[December 2nd-18th]


A special 2 week run for Christmas before we close our season until Spring! 

$80 donation per Adventurer
90 minutes of Tavern Thrashing for a party of up to six Adventurers! Each Party will receive:


  • A special Xmas Charcootchie board

  • A satchel of coins

  • a special present for every Adventurer!

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