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Dungeon Synth Record Store & TMDSN series

The Tiny Minotaur is proud to host local Dungeon Synth proliferators, Engraven Records on site as a popup Record Store! Open during regular (and special event) Tavern Hours, the Record Store hosts a wide variety of local, national and international dungeon synth artists, ambient artists and Neofolk artists within its walls. Engraven Records also hosts Tiny Minotaur Dungeon Synth Nights, a monthly live showcase of local and touring Dungeon Synth and Dark Ambient artists within the magical landscapes of the Tiny Minotaur. 

All TMDSN showcases are FREE for paying members (Membership Tier: Tavern Nob and Above) and their guests. Tickets for non-members can be purchased below!


Tiny Minotaur Dungeon Synth Nights 004


Friday, January 12th

 Healing Spell


6pm Doors

8pm Start
$15 / 21+

[Free for Tavern Nob, Adventurer Scum and Golden Company Membership Tiers]


TMDSN004: Healing Spell
Hexpartner / Illuminator / Apoxupon

Let's soothe the wounds of another turbulent year past by casting a collective Healing Spell at our first Dungeon Synth Night of 2024. With our community growing and our spirits resolving, we can set a ward for the future, toward an age where the combined power of us all is enough to protect us each.

Hexpartner heals the ailing soul with a darkly romantic blend of dungeon synth and neoclassical darkwave that melds ethereal vocal coos with baroque sounds, gently morphing atmospheres, and exquisite arrangements. Hailing from Houston, Hexpartner has carried the torch for dungeon synth across a diverse spectrum of multi-genre shows and events in the space city, utilizing voice, synthesizers, stringed instruments, and digital effects to captivate live crowds.

Following the pilgrim's path from Fortress Worth, Illuminator carries not only light, but a deep healing energy gained from a lifetime of solitary communion with the woods. Playing in support of the forthcoming full-length album releasing through Engraven Records, Veriditas, Illuminator brings sacred vitality to the patrons of the Tavern, bathing all in the mystic aura of their monastic, forest- and fantasy- inspired dungeon synth.

Apoxupon, the Proliferator of Sound, opens the events with musical spells of a rejuvenating nature shaped long ago but never before incanted unto a live audience, performing selections from the old Mystic Timbre release, Revived. Perhaps like its eponym, that album too will be given new life on this healing night. / / / /

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