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Tiny Minotaur P.v.P Combat!

Are you a fan of the Tiny Minotaur's Card-Based Quest Combat System? Do you wish you could frigging just roll up to someone in a bar in Downtown Austin, whip out a velvet satchel with some Dice and battle someone like live-action Po-Kay-Mon Go?!



Introducing Tiny Minotaur PvP Combat!

Akin to a Secret Society, Tiny Minotaur P.v.P (Player vs. Player) Combat is a Card & Dice Game created for Players to "battle" each other in Real Life---on the mean bar-filled streets of Austin, TX. You can battle your friends! Battle your Enemies---and every Full Moon you can battle a Tiny Minotaur NPC or Rift Monster hidden in Austin to win a special attack card that can be permanently added to your deck! 

How do I get a Personal P.v.P deck?
You can Buy Them HERE or pick them up at any Tiny Minotaur Full Moon Event. 

How do I find other people to Battle?

You can find other folks playing P.v.P combat via our discord! Which will be accessible to our Patreon members. Via our discord, you can announce where you'll be posting up in Austin (public spaces only) and openly challenge other players! PvP combat players in the wild will have a very very special item on them to make them distinguishable to other players! You'll know what it is when you join the discord! :) 

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