Before the great Uniting imposed by a Karthopolis Monarch hundreds of years ago, the various Nation-States of Karth were splintered and racially homogenized. They still are--- but it is less rare to see a human traipsing in the Woodworkers Guilds of the Elven City of Galladeer these days. Here are a few of the current surviving Nation-States.



Ancient Elven Forest City

Population: 2 million

[Diversity: Elves,  Smallfolk, Tieflings]

Port of Gogue

Sea Port City/Trading Hub

Population: 750K

[Diversity: Everything]


Forest-y Stronghold on a Mountain

Population: 500K

[Diversity: Dwarves, Orcs, occasional sturdy Wood Elf]


Wealthy Metropolis

Population: 5 million

[Diversity: Everything]