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The Temple of Thraycia


The Elves of Galladeer have spoken often of the lost Temple of Thraycia—- how the Temple (and the legendary druids within it) had disappeared one day through a great Magick long forgotten by even the eldest Fae of Karth. There is only one eye-witness account of the isolated druids of Thraycia and their magical works…

Below is an excerpt from the recovered journal scrolls of Pinneas—an Elven Arch-mage from Galladeer in the year 302. The scroll was found in a forest several miles from Galladeer, tied to the magically preserved leg bone of a crow skeleton. 

“Mirella, my love—Grandfather, was right. The great Temple of Thraycia is magnificent and it is true that all the maps that should lead one to it are a lie. Despite faulty maps—I have reached the Temple within six months. Six months of trekking bare of foot through the darkest wilderness, six months of dodging creatures no bestiary has ever seen and six months of a diet consisting of mere nuts and berries. Oh how I long for the warm sweetbreads of your oven and the comfort of your arms. But i stick steadfast to this quest for the cure to the rot that threatens your life. It is said to be here in these great ancient Temple halls.

Easily the size of Galladeer itself, the Temple stretches through the Forest like a great white beast. Its spires are bright white and pure with magnificent statuary of our Elven gods and heroes. The Druids here, cloaked in resplendent gossamer white—-seem….wrong. Their hoods obscure their faces and when I ask for directions, they speak naught, answering with oddly gnarled hands in the direction that I should move. And there are so few of them. I have counted twelve, maybe—discernible in difference only by height. Twelve to a Temple that could easily house thousands of acolytes?”

“It is my third day at the Temple that I am writing this. Three days have I been pointed to walk the ever shifting corridors of the Temple towards—I know not what the destination is. No Druid will speak to me. The Temple of Thraycia is silent. Surrounded by Forest and only the sound of rustling leaves and a handful of crows. And….something is wrong. The air is crisp despite the summer sun and I have seen a stag— massive and white like snow staring at me from the Forest Edge. 


I don’t think it is a Stag….but rather, something wearing a Stag’s opulent skin. It does not approach, only stares before wandering off into the shadowy forest alone. 


On a brighter note, I have befriended a crow with the last of my nuts. It is a normal crow. The only thing here that feels safe.”



"I am very hungry. 


I have walked for fourteen days and my tunic is sliding off of my shoulders. I saw the druids, gathered in a rotunda of columns, their arms upstretched to the open sky above them, their voices clear and golden as they sang to the moon and to stars that I did not recognize. Elves. They had to be Elves to enter, right? The Temple of Thraycia is an Elven space…


And yet….


I watched their ritual and it was also wrong. And right at the same time. An ancient thing beyond good or evil. I don’t think there is a cure for your rot here. I don’t think there is a cure for anything here. 


I have given the crow a letter and directions to find you. The Temple is moving. The stars above prove that. I have chosen to stay and sing.”

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