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Tiny Minotaur Official PvP Combat Rules


Tiny Minotaur PvP in a Nutshell

The Tiny Minotaur Tavern has seen an egregious amount of Violence within it’s walls and this PvP game is a slice of that malarkey in your hands! This game is based ENTIRELY on the npc combat system at the Tiny Minotaur in Austin, TX!


All players have 100 hit points. Players that get to 0 Hit points first, lose the match!

You can play this game ANYWHERE. ANYTIME. Whether it be against other PvPers at the Tiny Minotaur (in appropriate areas), in a Dive on Red River or 12th Street—against various Chaotic Neutral Troublemakers from
the Tiny Minotaur and of course— during TOURNEY SEASON (announced on the 


So Have Fun—Be Fair and Kind to Each Other and Remember—It’s just a fucking game!

Before Battling Someone

Look through the Cards in your Box to become familiar with them. Every starter Tiny Minotaur PvP Box comes with:


  • A Quick Rules Card

  • 3 Initiative Tier Cards: [1, 2, 3]

  • 3 Class Deck Builder Cards: [1 Sword, 1 Magic, 1 Cloak]

  • 6 Regular Attack Cards

  • 5 Middling Attack Cards

  • 5 Stronk Attack Cards

  • 3 Dodge Cards

  • 3 Heal Cards

Choose Your Class

Choosing your class is important! There are three major class types (at this time) in Tiny Minotaur PvP. 

  • Sword: Your Fighters and Paladins reside in this Class. The Sword class is heavy on the middling and Stronk attacks. Bad at dodging.

  • Magic: Your Sorcerers and Clerics Reside in this Class. Lots of Middling Power, Low Stronk Power and great heals!

  • Cloak: Your Rogues and Rangers are in this Class! Lots of Middling Power and great at dodging


One you have chosen a class and you want to stick with it permanently, you can use the fine marker to write down the class and your own special battle attack name on the cards! We recommend  yelling those attacks out when attacking during combat so make sure they aren’t racist, sexist, transphobic or shitty or we will blacklist you from Tourney’s and the Tiny Minotaur site. :(


For continuity, we recommend choosing one class and sticking with it!  [Feel free to use white-out to change your class or attack names. If things get raggedy, you can always buy more individual cards at Tiny Minotaur PvP Combat Events for $1 each. 


Once you are Familiar with the Class system it’s time to move to ACTUAL COMBAT!


What is the Deck Layout?

The Deck Layout adheres to the type of Class chosen and contains the cards you will be using during Combat. Since all layouts will be different according to what class has been chosen, we’ve created this card layout to make it super easy to follow your own process.


Step 1.: Place your Chosen Class Card Down. (so you can reference it)

Step 2. Lay out Your Hit Points (all players have 100HP to start)

Step 3. Lay Out Your Regular Attack Pile. (most Players have 5 regular attacks to start, clerics have 6)

Step 4: Lay out your classes Middling Attacks 

Step 5: Lay out your classes Stronk Attacks

Step 6: Set up Discard Pile with excess HP from your deck


Deck layout visibility is designed to prohibit shady Rogue shenanigans. Both parties are encouraged to do a deck check prior to battle (and if one does it, the other must as well!). 


Step 7: This step involves the Rolled Initiative Tier—-AND BEGINS COMBAT!!!

What is an Initiative Tier?

Initiative Tiers serve two purposes.

  • Setting up the Tier that your dice roll parameters will be based on

  • Determining which player begins the Turn Based Combat


Tier 1: 1- 6

Tier 2: 7 - 13

Tier 3: 14 - 20

Each Player will start Combat by Rolling the D20 once. If a player gets between a 1 -6 on the Dice, that player is in Tier 1. If they roll between a 7-13, they are in Tier 2. If they Roll between 14 - 20 the player is in Tier 3. After rolling to determine the Tier, place the Tier card from your pack into its place! The player with the highest number on the D20 has the first Turn.


[ex: Clarissa rolled a 5 and ended up in tier 1. David rolled a 9 and ended up in Tier 2. David has the first chance to attack with a regular, middling or stronk attack since his roll was the highest number.]


If both players roll the same #---Roll again! However, rolling the same Tier is fine!


There are 3 different attack cards in Tiny Minotaur PvP. 

  • Regular attack: 10 points of Damage and always hits.

  • Middling Attack: 30 points of Damage and requires a dice roll within the parameters of the Players Tier.

  • Stronk attack: 50 points of Damages and requires a dice roll within the parameters of the Players Tier.


Pvp Combat is Turn-based Combat--meaning that players take turns attacking. In order for an attack to work, the Player must roll a number on the dice that fits within their Tier parameters (which are on the back of the red attack cards). If the dice rolls within those parameters the attack counts as a hit! The successful card must be discarded. However if the attack does not hit the parameters and fails, the player can keep the card and try again! After being successfully attacked, the victim player must discard the appropriate amount of their HP into the discard pile.


[ex: Clarissa decided to use a Middling attack against David. Since she is in Tier 1, her attack parameters are 4 - 13. Clarissa rolls the dice and it’s a 4! The attack hits and David screams in agony. Clarissa tosses the Used Attack Card in the Discard Pile. David, bleeding profusely—tries to use a Stronk attack for his next Turn! His parameters for his Tier 2 Stronk attack are 8 - 13. He rolls a 15 and fails. With tears in his eyes, he holds onto his card to try again later.]



Dodge Cards in the Tiny Minotaur PvP can be used as an immediate reaction to being hit with a successful attack! The Dodge must be rolled within Tier Parameters and if successful, will immediately nullify the successful attack of the opponent. 

If the Dodge roll fails, the player receives damage and the next Turn begins.


Successful Dodge cards must be discarded. Unsuccessful Dodge cards can be tried again but only as a reaction to another successful attack. Dodge cards are like UNO cards. It must be used BEFORE the Victim tries to attack again in their next Turn. If a Dodge Card is Successful in nullifying an attack. The Nullified Attack Card is DISCARDED. Why? Because the Attack Card was successful and all successful cards are discarded. You can only use one card (HEAL OR DODGE) and only once in reaction to being hit.


[Correct Example:
Player 1 lands a successful attack.
Player 2 hold up the Dodge Card and declares they want to Nullify the Attack.
Player 2 rolls successfully.
Player 2 discards the Dodge Card used.
Player 1 discards the defeated attack card.
Next Turn Begins.
Player 2 chooses an Attack]


Some classes have the ability to heal, whether by magic or potions (player can make up whatever appropriate tale they want to when casting). Heals act very similarly to Dodge cards in that they are a reaction to being damaged but actually heal a very specific amount. So a heal could fully nullify and add HP to a regular attack. Or it could soften the blow of a middling or stronk attack.


If the Heal roll fails, the player receives damage and the next Turn begins.


Successful Heal cards must be discarded. Unsuccessful Heal cards can be tried again but only as a reaction to another successful attack. You can only use one card (HEAL OR DODGE) and only once in reaction to being hit.

Special Attack Boss Fights & NPC Cards

Randomly on a Full Moon (no, really—we are serious) a Wild Tiny Minotaur Tavern NPC or Monster will appear at a location in Austin, TX. If the player initiates PvP battle with this NPC (and wins) they can receive special Loot in the form of a SPECIAL ATTACK. Special Attack cards are limited to particular BOSS NPCS and can be played in any PvP game or Tourney. 

Boss/NPC Cards are all different depending on the NPC/Monster you encounter. If you manage to win one of these coveted cards there are rules for playing them in your deck!

You can only use ONE BOSS/NPC card per game.

You must replace one attack
card (regular, middling or Stronk) with the BOSS/NPC card. 

If your BOSS/NPC special attack card successfully rolls, it must be discarded. If it fails, you can put it back in your deck to try again during your next turn!

Game Start
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